• Nellie Tier Story

    Nellie Tier Story
      Ann and Sara, the founders of Nellie Tier, first met in the 1980s and have been together for 30 years. The two empathized for their passion for New Zealand art, and in 1986, opened a gallery called Masterworks in Auckland and managed to work together for 23 years. They decided to quit their successful art gallery business and retire, but their passion for...
  • Oils, Vicks ‘can trigger epileptic fits’

    Oils, Vicks ‘can trigger epileptic fits’
     Hello. Do you have any of you using products of Vicks? A prominent New Zealand neurologist warned that products containing Camphor oil and eucalyptus oil could cause seizures and convulsions. In fact, there have been many reports of such seizures and convulsions recently. These two oils are used as the base of products made by world-class companies in the United States. Among them, camper...
  • The uncomfortable truth of cosmetics

    The uncomfortable truth of cosmetics
    Hello, I'll tell you about the preservatives that go into the cosmetics today. In Korea, it is mandatory to display all ingredients in cosmetics since 2008, but it is difficult to understand it as unfamiliar and difficult chemical term for the general people. There are about 20,000 kinds of ingredients registered in Korea cosmetics dictionary. Except for actual redundant ingredients or unused ingredients, about...
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