Bungee/Bungy Jumping

Hello, Nellitiers who love nature and environment. Today I want to talk about bungee jumping. Do you know that bungee jumping is the first commercial jump in New Zealand?

The first modern bungee jumping was in 1979 when David and Jeff from Oxford University’s Dangerous Athletic Club jumped off the 76-meter Clifton Suspension Bridge. And then, bungee jumping was commercialized in earnest by A J Hackett and Henry van Asch in New Zealand, who were inspired by the Oxford Bungee jumping video. It was first started on the 43-meter-tall Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, South Island.

When Mr. Hackett visited Vanuatu in the island with some friends as a young man, he witnessed a Land Diving ceremony where Vanuatu men performed in adulthood. Land Diving is a traditional banquet of Vanuatu, a religious ritual that climbs a tree about 20 to 30 meters and jumps with a vine trunk without any safety, and Land Diving is the beginning of the current bungee jumping we know. Interestingly, the Land Diving was originally started by a legendary woman. Men were uncomfortable with their wife or women doing such dangerous things, so it eventually became like sports.

There are currently about seven bungee jumping locations throughout New Zealand, with Oakland on the North Island being famous for the Haver Bridge bungee jumping, the Rotorua Bungee and the Taupo Bungee. The Kawarau Bridge Bungee and the Nevis Rver Bungee are in Queenstown, the South Island. As I said, Kawarau Bungee is famous for its first commercial bungee jump in New Zealand, and the Nevis River bungee is 134 meters high, so I recommend it if you enjoy adventure and thrilling adrenaline.

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