Plant based protein-chicken made of soy beans

Hello. Sunfed, a New Zealand startup, has developed a chicken-free soy meat in a technology partnership with the US Silicon Valley. The company started selling through a large supermarket chain a while ago, and it's very popular. It was developed using soy protein, but its taste and chewing feels like chicken. The irony is that their soybeans come from Europe! 

Sunfed has also succeeded in developing synthetic beef using the same ingredients and will soon be introducing beef burgers on a new menu.

In line with the growing popularity of meat free meat, Air New Zealand, our national airline, has begun serving chicken that contains no chicken at all. Its called "Impossible Burger" and Air New Zealand is marketing it to vegans and vegetarians.

For more than a century New Zealanders traditional main meal consisted of "meat and three vegetables". This reflects our agricultural base which was heavily reliant on sheep meat, beef and dairy products.  The recent arrival of realistic non-meat meat products into this very traditional meat dominated diet has been controversial, resulting in protests from traditional met suppliers. While bean-made meat has long been known among vegetarians in Korea, Taiwan, and China, it is still a novelty here, but catching on quickly as people try and like it.
Can this new menu using technology really replace animal meat in the future? 

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