Dining Etiquette

Like Koreans, kiwis eat out a lot. New Zealand statistics show that kiwis spend 26% of their total monthly food on restaurants and ready-to-eat meals. Compared to last year, restaurants, cafes and bars have consumed more than 15% of their meals, and this trend is becoming more and more trending.

Recently, the Kiwi Restaurant Association introduced a fun dining etiquette.

  1. If you are dissatisfied with eating, please tell the staff immediately. Don't post negative posts on social media later.
  2. Do not bring food.
  3. Don't occupy the table for too long time trying to use free wifi etc. Please stay according to the amount of food ordered.
  4. Be considerate of the staff who cleans the table, so do not mess with it.

What do you think of these guidelines?

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