Eco-friendly sandal

Hello. I am just going to talk to you about Allbirds, New Zealand's footwear company. It was a start-up company founded with cloud funding, and it started out with sneakers and wool shoe insole made from eco-friendly natural material wool. Do you know about it? Unlike the general insole, wool insole has good ventilation and rarely smells of feet. The founder is interested in eco-friendly. This time, Allbirds released ‘Sweetform’. Sweetform is a sandal used sugar as a raw material, which is an eco-friendly material. It is very popular with its great reaction. Leonardo DiCaprio, a well-known world, has become an investor in Allbirds. He has also taken the lead in protecting the environment.

 In New Zealand, it is commonly used as jandal rather than the word sandal; it originally originated from the word Japanese sandal. Kiwis who prefer comfortable casual dresses use regularly jandal, so you can see the kiwis wearing jandal very often.

Sandals, which are commonly worn in summer, are produced 25 billion annually worldwide, and 300 million of them are abandoned annually. It is a major cause of environmental pollution. If you consume sandals of eco-friendly materials, it will be a good influence.

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