Ethical shopping

These days, the ethical shopping/consumption is emerging as a new hot issue in New Zealand. Especially recently, the fashion industry is leading it, and some famous designer clothing companies in New Zealand have made logos and labels on their brand products to mark ethically produced products. However, most kiwi consumers are not yet doing ethical consumption.

Children in underdeveloped countries such as Sri Lanka in Africa produce clothing with low rage, or make products such as baseballs and soccer balls. The ethical shopping/consumption started with the intention of preventing the creation and distribution of these children labor exploitation. The modern slave law was already enacted in developed countries such as Britain, France, and California, so it is illegal for manufacturing company to conceal information about supply chains and production cycles. Australia, the next country, recently enacted the modern slave law along these developed countries. New Zealand seems to be following the social movements of these countries. This move to purchase products of good company will gradually spread along with the eco-friendly product purchase campaign.

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