Fish and chips

Hello. If Korea's representative food is Kimchi, I would like to tell you about Fish and Chipss, the signature food of Kiwis. Originally, it was a hot dish that appeared in England in 1860. Since it was made in England, in 1910, 25,000 fish and chips shops were opened nationwide, and in the 1930's, the number reached 35,000, and it was a very popular food at that time. As the British immigrated to Australia and New Zealand, fish and chips became known to these countries.
Fish and Chips have been known and loved by New Zealand Kiwis for over 150 years. It's also sold in restaurants, but it's usually more popular for takeaways. It's a very common dish on the beaches in summer. Of course I went to the beach in summer and ate several times at a nearby fish and chips shop.
In fact, fish and chips are fried foods that are high in calories and fat. Luckily, nowadays, there are more and more places that use canola oil for frying.
Anyway, if you visit New Zealand, you should definitely try it. Because kiwis consume 5.6 billion bowls a week and eat 120,000 tons a year. Maybe kiwis eat more fish and chips than Koreans eat kimchi? ^^

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