Growing old in New Zealand

There are now more than 650 aged-care facilities in New Zealand and 36,000 elderly people live in these elderly welfare facilities, nursing homes, or elderly hospitals, etc. According to a recent survey, elderly people aged 85 or older are 83,000, and this numbers are expected to reach 284,000 in 2068.

In addition, according to data released by the National Statistical Office, the oldest population already aged 95 or older in 2016 was 5,800, which will increase to 14,500 by 2036. Furthermore, by 2036, one out of 4.5 New Zealand populations will be over 65 years old. On the other hand, in 2036, the population under the age of 14 is only 7.6 percent of the total population of New Zealand. This means that the population over 65 is increasing at a rate 10.5 times faster than the population under 14.

The rapidly aging society is causing great concern for the New Zealand government because the cost of welfare, nursing homes, and medical care for the elderly will increase astronomically. What about the case of Korea?

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