Kiwi beauty brand targets Aussies

Christchurch beauty brand Ethique has signed a deal with Australian chain Priceline Pharmacy. That's why Ethique's products are in stock at one of Australia's biggest chains, Priceline, which is worth NZD 8,000,000. In addition, Ethique will make a big deal with a major US retailer early next year.
The company was created by Brianne West in her home kitchen one day in 2012. She wondered how she could reduce her plastic bottle containers and packaging, and she came up with a shampoo bar, a hair conditioning bar and a body shampoo bar. It currently has production plants in Christchurch, South Blenheim, and two in Auckland. Interestingly, in 2015, Pledge Me made $ 200,000 in New Zealand dollars through cloud funding. Later, when the company made another cloud funding, it raised $ 500,000 in only 30 minutes.
Ethique has 38 products. In addition to shampoo bars, rinse bars and body shampoo bars, there are also deodorants, pet dog shampoos and self-tanning bars, which are currently sold in 220 New Zealand retail stores. Founder Brianne West majored in biochemistry, and she said that she made products with the aim of protecting the environment. She hopes the beauty business around the world will follow her movement. Kiwis throw away 50 million bottles of shampoo and rinse plastic bottles every year, and they take 500 years to rot. All of Ethique's products use compostable materials like our Nelly packaging.

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