Nellie Tier Story


NELLIE TIER Founders Ann and Sara

Ann and Sara, the founders of Nellie Tier, first met in the 1980s and have been together for 30 years. The two empathized for their passion for New Zealand art, and in 1986, opened a gallery called Masterworks in Auckland and managed to work together for 23 years. They decided to quit their successful art gallery business and retire, but their passion for art and innate creativity rarely disappeared. Ann and Sara weren't interested in the skincare business. However, their curiosity and aspiration for creation gave rise to the Nellie Tier of today. After retirement, they decided to make their own hobby at home with cosmetics made with fresh natural ingredients, effective products that provide nutrition for the skin, and eco-friendly skin care products.

 Thanks to the positive response and support of close friends and family, it was sold to the farmer's market on weekends. It was sold by putting cosmetics in a bucket and selling them off as desired. As they became more popular, they gradually grew into business.

 At first there were no names or trademarks. Nellie Tier is named after founder Ann's great-grandmother. The grandmother who was an immigrant was a botanist. While settling in New Zealand, where living conditions were poor in every way, she had to make and use various items for her family. She wrote a recipe book detailing all that, and the recipe book was the driving force behind the creation of today's Nellie. Nellie is now a skincare brand loved by women in countless countries around the world. Many people who have tried Nellie Tier products once become loyal customers. Ann and Sara insist on handmade products, which require a lot of manual and labor for the quality of Nellie Tier products. Pay attention to Nellie Tier, an eco-friendly skincare product, handmade natural cosmetics made with meticulous selection of fresh ingredients.

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