Oils, Vicks ‘can trigger epileptic fits’

 Hello. Do you have any of you using products of Vicks?

A prominent New Zealand neurologist warned that products containing Camphor oil and eucalyptus oil could cause seizures and convulsions. In fact, there have been many reports of such seizures and convulsions recently. These two oils are used as the base of products made by world-class companies in the United States. Among them, camper oil is known to be effective in pain relief, itching, chest frustration, inflammation, etc., and has a strong fragrance and easy absorption through the skin. Vicks Cream Type products are common in pharmacies and supermarkets, so there are many parents who use Vicks when a baby with a cold is not sleeping well, so you have to take care. Be careful especially for parents who have babies or children with epilepsy or asthma, for the health of our precious children.

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