On the natural preservative Geogard 221 of Nellie Tier

INCI Name is Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol & Water. Geogard 221 contains not 100 percent of benzyl alcohol, but Dehydroacetic Acid and water, and benzyl alcohol is about 70 percent.
The important key point is
- Has a wide range of global regulatory approval
- Easy-to-use and compatible with most types of cosmetic formulations
- Wide effective pH range
- Compatible with key raw materials
- Safe handling
- Chemically and physically stable
- Meet ECOCERT and COSMOS requirements
- Soil Association approved
- Not tested on animals

Geogard 221 is an eco-preservative recognized by ECOCERT and COSMOS, which are most commonly and most used in cosmetics, especially natural skin care. Stability has been recognized to the extent that it has not been tested on animals and has been approved by cosmetics, especially natural skin care regulations, in many countries around the world. In the US and Japan, which are so hard-working, they use Geogard 221 as a preservative for natural cosmetics or skin care.
In Europe, the maximum use of Geogard 221 preservatives is 0.6 %, and the maximum use of benzyl alcohol is 1%. In Japan, the maximum use of geogard 221 preservatives is 0.5%, and benzyl alcohol up to 1%. The US is allowing the same numbers as Europe.
In addition, the important thing to look at is that Geogard 221 was approved by ECOCERT, COSMOS and Soil Association.
-ECOCERT- natural organic cosmetics certification authority, which applies the following strict criteria for eco-friendly cosmetics certification:

  1. To check usage of raw materials that are derived from renewable resources and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, check the following items: - prohibited raw materials; GMO (gene modification), parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, pizzes, synthetic fragrances and pigments, animal-derived raw materials (except naturally produced raw materials such as milk, honey, etc.)
- packaging that is biodegradable (naturally degraded) or recyclable
  1. There are two eco-cert labels: natural cosmetics labels and natural organic labels, all of which require at least 95% of the total ingredients to be natural origin.

- COSMOS - it is an integrated certification body created by the representative certification bodies of Europe. It is an institution that is used as an international natural organic cosmetics integration standard in Korea.
In other words, Geogard 221, which is used by Nellie tier, is now recognized for its stability as a natural preservative approved by two institutions, ECOCERT and COSMOS, which are now the world's most recognized and demanding standard screening. In addition, the use of Geogard 221 is less than 1%, so benzyl alcohol is about 0.02% in numerical terms, which is very minute.

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