Plastic straws ban

Recently, the use of plastic straws was banned in all bars, restaurants and cafes in the Wellington City waterfront of New Zealand. It is said that this movement will gradually spread throughout Wellington and be implemented in the future. The ban on the use of plastic straws is due to the most common of the garbage found on the Wellington waterfront recently, and plastic straws is one of the top five garbage.

A Japanese fusion food chain called Wagamama is the most leading player in the move. Wagamama which has 200 chains around the world announced that it would stop using plastic straws.

Shortly thereafter, in New York, USA, newspaper articles about banning the use of plastic straws and stirrers in bars, restaurants and coffee shops were published, so it would spread to the world in the near future. If you are not uncomfortable or disabled, you will be fined $ 100 if you are caught using a plastic straw or stick. New York City is also suffering from a growing plastic pollution problem, so it has decided to ban plastic straws and sticks as a measure to reduce it.

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