Queen’s birthday

Monday, 1 June  is Queen ’s birthday this year 2020. In New Zealand, the first Monday of June is celebrated as the national holiday for the Queen of England as New Zealand was originally part of the British Empire. Since Monday is a holiday every year, and coming in winter ;long after previous public holidays are forgotten, many people take a long weekend trip and the highway is crowded with more cars than usual. In addition to events such as fireworks, there are also a lot of big sales that try to take advantage of the long weekend.
All Commonwealth Countries such as Australia, Fiji and Canada celebrate the birthday of the Queen of England as a national holiday. The interesting thing is that each country has a slightly different date. The actual queen's birthday is April 21st. And in England, the queen's birthday is not set as a specific national holiday. Of course there are many events.
New Zealand's neighbor, Australia, has a second Monday in June as a national holiday celebrating Queen's birthday. Even though it's the same country, Western Australia and Queensland have different days.

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