Shopping corner without plastic packaging

Countdown, one of New Zealand's largest supermarket chains, has announced that it plans to run a special shopping corner with no plastic packaging. Several supermarket chains have got rid of plastic bags and customers seem to have gotten used to it, so this is perhaps the next logical step. The move was introduced to Countdown's Auckland Ponsonby store last Sunday.and is expected to spread to 74 Countdown supermarkets nationwide in due course. 

The plan follows that of Ekoplaza, a large Dutch supermarket chain which has a special corner of 700 different products packaged in 100% eco-friendly materials. These include fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, rice, sauces, dairy products, chocolate, cereals, yoghurts and snacks. Although Countdown doesn't yet have a non-plastic alternative, it's policy is to do so as soon as possible. 

Countdown's move is in line with New Zealand's strong green image.
What do you think? Isn't it time for all of us to take the lead in our natural environment?

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