Sugar tax Sweet idea


ave you ever heard of sugar tax? It is a system that imposes a tax on all drinks and sweets that contain sugar. The New Zealand government is seriously considering the introduction of sugar taxes. According to 2017 government statistics, 25 percent of New Zealand's total population is obese. Half of Maori's adult population and 18 percent of Maori children are obese, 69 percent of Polynesian adults and 29 percent of children are obese.
It is said that adult obesity rate is the third highest among OECD countries. As a result, the medical expenses paid by the government are increasing every year due to obesity-related adult diseases.
According to a government report, a sugar tax settlement could save 50 lives a year, reduce medical costs by nearly $ 4 million a year, and over $ 26 million annually for the government to collect taxes.
Interestingly, Maori and Pacific Islanders are the biggest beneficiaries. Because they consume too much sugary food compared to other peoples. In a study conducted by the University of Berkeley, if a sugar tax is imposed, the consumption of sugar-rich drinks is significantly reduced and water consumption is increased instead. This is especially true for low-income people.
There are quite a few politicians who still disagree with it because of the increased burden on low-income people. I'm curious what kind of decision I will make in the future.

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