The uncomfortable truth of cosmetics

Hello, I'll tell you about the preservatives that go into the cosmetics today.

In Korea, it is mandatory to display all ingredients in cosmetics since 2008, but it is difficult to understand it as unfamiliar and difficult chemical term for the general people. There are about 20,000 kinds of ingredients registered in Korea cosmetics dictionary. Except for actual redundant ingredients or unused ingredients, about 5,800 ingredients are used in cosmetics. Studies have shown that 54 of the cancer-causing components and 57 of the genetically modified components are found. There are 12 kinds of 16 kinds of genital toxic substances that cause endocrine disturbance. Under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration, 60 preservatives are prescribed and the contents are supervised, including a detrimental system that is harmful to the body.

Preservatives used in cosmetics are used to preserve cosmetics for a long time and to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms so that cosmetics can be safely preserved. Among many preservatives, the three preservatives that have been steadily raising risks in academia are parabens, phenoxyethanol, and BHT (dibutylhydroxytoluene).

Among them, parabens are methylparaben, ethylparaben propylparaben, and butylparaben. Parabens are typical hormone disruptors, so women can cause menstrual pain and severe endometriosis. In addition, the more frequently exposed to parabens in men, the lower the male hormone testosterone level and the more abnormal sperm that is slow to move, which can affect infertility. According to the KFDA regulations, it is okay to use less than 0.4% when using paraben alone and less than 0.8% when using mixed use, but it is a problem because most of them do not record how much it is contained.

As research on the toxicity of parabens has become more active, consumers' awareness has increased and as parabens have been avoided, cosmetics companies have begun to use phenoxyethanol instead of parabens, which can stimulate skin mucosa and cause skin hypersensitivity and allergies. There are many products that are sold as natural cosmetics on the market, which are surprisingly containing phenoxyethanol. Therefore, you must check this.

BHT is a substance that can cause obesity and disturb hormones. Endocrine disruptive chemicals are known to cause obesity by increasing stress in cell material channel and lowering mitochondrial function, which interferes with the production and secretion of appetite-controlled hormone leptin. Please be careful not to be exposed to harmful preservatives.

We don't have any of the harmful preservatives we mentioned above in Nellitier baby products and our adult products, so you can use them with confidence. Thank you.

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