Ivenet Stick rice confectionery


Ivenet Stick rice confectionery

Rice snack for the first time

Stick rice confectionery can give without worrying. We don't think there's anything as difficult and troubled as it was at first. It was the first confectionery that give my child, so it was made with mother and father's heart. It is a stick rice confectionery made carefully from ingredients to trim. Stick rice confectionery made of pure and reliable ingredients. Organic white rice, super grains, purple sweet potato and spinach combination can be eaten safely. We will join baby's first rice confectionery. 

Organic white rice, supergrains and organic raw materials

Based on organic white rice, a reliable combination of super grains and organic raw materials did not fry in oil and did not add additives. Organic white rice is basic of stick rice confectionery. White rice is a soft, easy-to-digest grain that can be eaten by children who first come across rice confectionery. As the basics are important, it has reassured parents about confectionery by using only Korean organic white rice. It added nutrition to supergrains and organic raw materials. It is more diverse in five flavors and healthy, because the child eats. It is super food Rentil beans, Chick beans and Organic spinach and sweet potatoes. Organic stick rice confectionery has taste and nutrition evenly.  Please choose and broaden our child's eating experience.

Raw material information                                            

Rentil beans: It is richly contained with dietary fibers that help protein and bowel health. The digestion absorption rate is excellent.                                                        
Chick beans: The more chewing, the more savory and sweet, and the richer calcium and vitamin content, it is good for enhancing immunity.                               
Spinach: Vitamins A,B,C,K are abundant and important health food.                                     
Purple sweet potato: Anthocyanin with high antioxidant activity, vitamins and minerals are abundant.
Sources: Doopedia

Why is the stick rice confectionery long?

The child can catch about 9 to 10 cm long. We made it so that the child could easily hold it with a small hand and eat it slowly. Because the child eats, there is no snack without reason in the shape and length of the snack. Stick rice confectionery is a comfortable form to catch. It is not sticky in a long form and the surface is smooth, so child with weak mouths can also eat softly. It can catch oneself by hand. Plus, you can leave it. It's a zipper bag wrap. It is safe and hygienic zipper bag packaging, which can be conveniently ingested anytime and anywhere. It easily can keep to the zipper bag even if it leaves in outside. Zipper After opening, adjust the zipper well and close. Therefore, you can feed child anytime and anywhere such as in home, playground and community center or when moving.


<Original> 100% Organic white rice (Korean-made)

<Rentil beans> 96% Organic white rice (Korean-made), 3% Rentil beans(Canada), 1% rice bud powder

<Chick beans> 96% Organic white rice (Korean-made), 3% Chick beans(Australian), 1% rice bud powder

<Spinach> 99% Organic white rice (Korean-made), 1% Organic spinach powder (Korean-made)

<Purple sweet potato> 99% Organic white rice (Korean-made), 1% Organic purple sweet potato powder (Korean-made)


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