Kid red ginseng jelly


  • It is a health functional food developed to contain 6-year-old red ginseng and to allow children to eat red ginseng deliciously.
  • Kid red ginseng jelly is fruit taste that children like.
  • Kid red ginseng jelly can be relieved and eaten.

Why do growing children need red ginseng?

Because red ginseng can help immunity enhancement, fatigue improvement, blood flow through platelet aggregation inhibition, memory improvement, and antioxidant. Why do child need immunity? Immunity is a phenomenon in which the internal environment of the organism defends against the antigen which is the external factor. It is a force that resists germs that have come from the outside. The school period is a period when the skeleton formation becomes clear and the physical activity is active while the physical growth is slow. It is also a time to prepare for adolescence and become the basis of adult health. Therefore, for the growth and development of healthy children, balanced nutrition supply and right eating habits are required.

In addition, 6-year-old red ginseng has precious ingredients in our body as it is difficult to cultivate, which is the main ingredient of red ginseng, saponin 'ginsenoside'. As saponins contained only in ginseng and red ginseng, red ginseng saponin is called ginsenoside separately because its ingredients are excellent in function. It was used with six-year-old red ginseng. WE made it with the heart of the mother who thinks only the health of the child. Kid red ginseng jelly made for a child who can not eat bitter red ginseng. Red ginseng has been produced in fresh ginseng since 7 years old, and lignification is progressed, so 6 years old is treated as the best quality. Kid red ginseng jelly uses excellent Korea six-year-old red ginseng as a main ingredient. Kids red ginseng jelly contains enough amount of ginsenoside content which is functional component of red ginseng as the sum of Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3.

Delicious red ginseng jelly

Red ginseng jelly that is just right for the difficult taste of a child. The delicious fruit tastes that children like, so there is no resistance. Children like it in the form of a soft jelly with fun to eat. Carrying is convenient to the stick package. Protect your precious child's physical strength and energy lightly and simply! Eating just one a day is healthy habit anytime and anywhere such as when going out or in home.


Red ginseng jelly which can be relieved

It means that it is a standard for manufacturing excellent health functional foods. The purpose of the Act is to manufacture and supply excellent health functional foods. Therefore, Kid red ginseng jelly is a health functional food that can be trusted and eaten because it is produced at GMP designated business. If you enter the health functional food history tracking number in "", you can check the information of health functional food. Health functional foods history tracking management number : history tracking registration number 3191217 + manufacturing number


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Kid red ginseng jelly
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