Pognae No.5 plus (All in one)

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Pognae Number 5 Plus is the premium carrier that combines a baby carrier, a baby hip seat, and a hip seat carrier.
It is not a simple combination product, rather it provides the perfect function that fully embodies the essence of a baby carrier and a hip seat all in one.
Number 5 Plus gives you the best satisfaction and the best comfort for your baby

Features of product

  • Usable by Infants

Because of the Newborn Support, even infants can use the product. Hold the infant comfortably with Newborn Support. The baby is wrapped comfortably and their sleep is assisted.

Characteristics of Newborn Support

- Ergonomic design

: 10cm-width seat supports the baby's hips comfortably With an ergonomic design considering the infant's movement, the movements of the arms and legs are free.

- Stability

: The infant is not pressurized but wrapped comfortably, helping comfortable sleep.

- Convenient usage method

: Because the product contains four hooks, even unskilled mothers are able to hold the baby comfortably.

(Newborn support can be used up to 2 months baby.)

  • Noiseless waist belt

No more baby waking up from Velcro sounds. Noiseless detaching is now possible. Noiseless freedom granted by the zipper. The product could be taken off softly without any noise with patented technology.

  • 3-step leg width control

The product could be used in three steps according to the growth of the baby and posture holding the baby.

STEP1: 10cm, Infants are able to use the No.5 Plus. The small hips and the legs of the baby are supported comfortably and stably.

STEP2: 16cm, The appropriate size in using the baby carrier in the forward-facing posture or hip seat. However, even if the leg width is adjusted, the seat size wrapping the baby ships is maintained, making the baby's sitting posture comfortable.

STEP3: 29cm, Size appropriate for baby carrier postures of the mother facing the baby and in piggyback. However, even if the leg width is adjusted, the seat size wrapping the baby ships is maintained, making the baby s sitting posture comfortable.

  • Waist Support

The four waist support inserted in waist belt will let you hold the baby comfortably for a long time. The four waist belts inserted in the waist belt attaches according to the waist curve of the user, allowing you to hold the baby comfortably for a long time. Having and giving birth to a baby weakens the waist muscles of the mother. The waist support inserted in the waist belt of Pognae lessens the burden on the waist

  • All in one

Baby carrier, hip seat and hip seat carrier can be used with No.5 Plus.

  • Ergonomic product certified by IHDI

This product officially certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a carrier to help the baby grow properly.

Check point

  • Non-slip silicon preventing slipping

To prevent the baby's hips from slipping, silicon outstanding in slip-prevention compared to general prevention pad, was used on the hip seat.

  • Cool in hot summers stay cool

Permeable mesh can be used with the cover removed, allowing cool usage for babies with much body heat and in summers. Mesh Inner Fabric outstanding in permeability and moisture permeability was used for the waist belt inner fabric for more fresh wear, and the waist belt pushing outward in long-term usage was minimized.

  • Free the leg width & even hip width

The hip seat does not become narrow even when the leg's width is narrowed. The seat comfortably wrapping the baby's thighs and hips is maintained, making the sitting posture comfortable without pressurizing. This ergonomic M position lessens the force on the postures, not burdening the hip joints.

  • Maintaining C shape

The optimal seat size minimizes the hip from moving backwards, allowing the baby's waist to maintain natural and comfortable C shape. Pognae's product supports the hips and waist of the baby sufficiently, spreading the baby's legs in M shape naturally to prevent hip dysplasia. Pognae's hip seat allows the baby to attach to its mother effectively with the optimal seat size, lessening the burden on the mother's waist. It minimizes the hip moving backward, helping the spine line to maintain natural and comfortable C shape.

The functions of No.5 plus (all in one)

  • Two sleeping hoods

Strong sunlight is blocked for the comfortable sleep of the baby, and the baby is kept from UV lights, yellow dust and other dust. Also, the baby is protected from cool air, and heating is enhanced. The hood can be chosen from summer type and four seasons type.

  • Headrest

The head and the neck of the baby is supported to enable usage of the baby carrier and hip seat in proper posture, preventing the baby's head from drooping backward.

  • Wide zipper pocket

The wide zipper pocket attached on the waist belt allows the safe storage of cell phones and card wallets, allowing convenient usage in going out.

  • WOOJIN PLASTIC Waist Buckle

WOOJIN PLASTIC buckle with safety and outstanding quality is used.

  • Slide chest buckle

As the buckle fixing the two shoulder belts, the slide buckle of the shoulder belt could be adjusted according to the position the mother wants.

  • Wide cushion seat

The seat in which the baby sits on used high-elasticity HR foam to allow the baby to feel soft and comfortable even with long sittings.

  • Stable wide velcro

The wide Velcro could be attached firmly, enhancing support to support the baby's waist firmly and effectively.

  • Bib, spit pad

They are attached to the shoulder belts on the two sides and the headrest, allowing clean usage. Even if they are used for a long time with snap buttons, the shape is not deformed, not irritating the baby's face.

  • Non-Toxic EPP molding

Light and firm non-toxic EPP molding foam is used, not being deformed and used semi-permanently.

  • Illustrated safety warnings

The warning was illustrated to be understood easily.

  • HR foam shoulder belt

The HR foam of highest quality and highest have been used for the shoulder belt, having good cushion and recovery. Also, the user's shoulder pain is minimized and fatigue is alleviated without deformations, even with long usage.


  • Usable infants to 36 months.

  • Hold your child differently according to the age and the circumstance with the nine positions.

Carrier – facing front, hugging, headrest

Hip seat – holding in lying position, facing front, hugging

Hip seat carrier - facing front, hugging, headrest

Cautions in usage

- If the buckle or the sewing is damaged before usage, stop usage as there are hazards of accidents.
- Always verify whether all the buckles are connected properly.
- When holding the baby or carrying the baby on the back, the baby may fall if the waist belt is loosened, so put the baby down safely before loosening the waist belt.
- When using the hip seat only without backrest, put on the waist, not the pelvis.
- When connecting the hip seat and the backrest in connection, put on the hip seat on the waist, and put it down slightly to the pelvis.
- When the belt is worn loosely, it may burden the waist, back and shoulder. Wear the product tightly according to the body shape of the user.
- The waist belt must be worn with the Velcro on the front, not the back in order to attach the Velcro tightly and correctly.
- The two Velcro must be attached properly to support the baby.
- The user's hand must protect the baby at all times against hazards that may occur.
- When inexperienced with the usage, use on floor with cushion, or use by receiving the help of another person.
- Naps may occur when the Velcro touches the fabric of the product while putting on or storage.

Cautions in Washing

Check the contents of the caution before washing. The product cannot be exchanged or refunded from damages occurring from wrong washing and drying.
- Because the organic cotton does not use harmful fixatives (synthesized substances to prevent the changing of the color, natural fading may occur after washing and drying. This is not a defect of the product, so repairs cannot be made.
- Make sure to take out the molding foam from the hip seat before washing.
- Make sure to wash by attaching all Velcro of the waist belt, and by locking the buckles.
- When washed without attaching the Velcro, fuzz may occur from damages of the fabric.
- Wash in cold water.
- Do not dip in water for long time, and do not wash with hot water or boil the product.
- Wash lightly with water
- In drying, avoid UV lights and dry in shades with good air permeability.
- Wash small stains with wet towel by tapping or wash in part, and avoid machinery washing.
- Drying with drum washing machines and dryers may cause shrinking, damages and deformation of the product, so dry in the natural state.
- If alkali substances are included in the baby product detergents, it may be a cause for discoloration and bleaching, so make sure to use neutral detergents.


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