Pognae Step one - Baby wrap sling baby carrier - Light comfortable baby carrier

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  • Pognae Step one is a new concept sling baby carrier with a waist belt. A heavy baby can hold with stability beyond the newborn.
  • Step one is able to adjust the size, so mom and dad use together.
  • Step one overlaps with three layers of fabric, not two layers, so baby sagging phenomenon is remarkably rare.

Features of product

Check 1. Simple, chic and ergonomic design helps support the baby at the waist.
Pognae's Step one does not support the baby's weight only with the shoulders and back. The waist belt also helps to support the baby and the baby's weight is dispersed efficiently and evenly.

Check 2. Three layers of fabric help to support the baby.
Three layers of fabric help to support the baby firmly. Elastic and stretchy fabric tend to stretch as the baby becomes heavier. With Pognae's Innovative design, the three layers of fabric of Step one can minimize the stretching feeling even when the baby's weight is heavier to ensure stable support for prolonged period.

Check 3. Safety for everyday use.
To prevent baby from falling out, firm buckles and sturdy webbing straps are designed for prevention. It can be used by 20kg.

Check 4. The M-posture ensures the baby's comfort.
Step one has been designed in an ergonomic way that will support baby's natural growth and development. The M-posture ensures the baby feels comfortable.

Check 5. One size
Moms and dads can share baby carrier. Is your baby feeling stuffy and upset? Adjust the size according to the baby's growth. This product is a one-size product. Customers of following sizes are able to wear the product comfortably.

Check 6.  It is the light weight, 350g, so you carry anytime, anywhere.
All of these possible its weigh 350g. It used buckles, webbing straps, etc. for baby safety. Excellent durability and light weight make it easy to carry.

Check 7. Fold and store compact.
A diaper bag that needs to be filled properly when going out. It has pouch, so it's convenient to keep them in your diaper bag.

How to wear; easy to wear on your own and remove

  1. Wear like a T-shirt, and pull the webbing straps to the front as if you are taking down the back plate.
  2. 2. Ensure that the back plate is located at lower back.

Pognae's Step one is designed to let moms and dads to safely place their baby down by just unbuckling the buckles at the side of baby wrap without waking them up. Therefore, the baby can sleep well.


  • Before wearing the product, ensure that there is no problem with the Step One.
  • It has been KC safety certified up to 20kg, but we recommend use for babies who weight between 4kg and 13kg.
  • You cannot carry your baby on your back using the Step One.
  • Carry babies facing forward when they are able to support their necks fully.
  • Ensure that the baby does not fall asleep facing forward.
  • Expose the baby's face outside of the carrier to prevent suffocation.
  • Support the baby with one hand at all times to prevent falls.
  • The baby's weight will not be dispersed effectively if the waist belt is worn loosely.
  • Wear the belt tightly.
  • If you are not familiar with the baby wrap carrying position, you can always refer to the manual instruction usage.
  • It is a baby carrier made with three layers of fabric. The cross design that help to support baby's weight. The fabric can be stretched as much as possible to support the baby's hips.

Color: Gray, Blue, Charcoal

Material: fabric, polyester, polyurethane


  • The color may wash out from dark-colored products at first. Wash in separation from other products.
  • Do not leave dipped in water for a long time.
  • Hand-wash with neutral detergent in cold water.
  • If alkali substances are contained in baby product detergents, they may cause discoloration and change of color.
  • Never boil.
  • When using washing machines, place the product into washing net and wash weaker cycles like wool cycle.
  • Do not wash in high-temperature washing, drying, or baby product washing cycle when using a washing machine.
  • When drying, avoid direct sunlight and dry stretch in well-ventilated shade.
  • Do not dry with a Dryer.


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Pognae Step one - Baby wrap sling baby carrier - Light comfortable baby carrier
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